Church of Christ on Savona Blvd, Port St Lucie, FL

Children’s Bible Classes

During our 11:00 AM worship service, children are a welcome addition to the worship service. This gives each of us an opportunity to be a good example and helps the children develop good behavior and the ability to pay attention.

However, during our 10:00 am Bible Class times the children are divided by age into classrooms that are specifically geared to their unique learning styles. For our smallest students, a combination of crayons, crafts, and caring teachers make the children feel right at home while helping them learn the wonderful stories of the Bible.

As students get older, they begin a survey of the entire Bible learning names, dates, places, and most importantly the essential concepts of God’s love, faithfulness, and justice.

These classes are designed to complement and supplement the Bible instruction which students receive at home so that each child is given a solid foundation upon which to continue to learn as they enter the Junior High, High School, and Adult classes.

We have a very comprehensive Bible class Curriculum in place, Our Spiritual Heritage, that will truly educate your children in the whole Bible, and impart its invaluable life lessons. Our teachers work very hard to motivate and inspire the children. You will truly be amazed at how much of the Bible they will learn.